How To Detect Common Air Blower Problems


Problem Cause How To Detect
Water Damage - Blower or Hartford Loop too low

- Check valve may be failing

- No check valve in place

- Clogged jet line forcing water into the blower

- Blower to close to sprinklers, causing water entry through air intake

- Blower mounted upside down without protection
-Rust on Fan side of motor

-Corrosion on winding side of motor
Back Pressure - Not enough ( or large enough) air holes in channel of spa

- Check valve may not be properly installed

- Plumbed with less than 2" pipe

- Blower not properly sized
- Separation of housings

- Melting of housings

- Motor failure (metal case)
Motor worn out- Residential blower on commercial application

- Blower wired into circulation system.
- Motor brushes worn out in short amount of time
Explosion - PCV glue fumes build up and ignite, from arc of brushes- Fan locked and separated from top

- Casings separated. Screws and/or plastic around screws broken


Spa Repair