Hot Tub Troubleshooting – Steps You Can Do Yourself

As a home owner there are quite a few Hot Tub troubleshooting steps you can do yourself before you call a spa repair company. There are many different reason why you would want to trouble shoot your spa. Below is a list of a few of them.

Spa and Hot Tub Leaks

Trouble shooting and detecting a leak in a spa or hot tub is often very costly for the home owner. The reason being that is it a complicated process that involves multiple visits of the trouble shooting spa technician. There are of course scenarios where it’s obvious where the leak is coming from and the leak detection and repair can be completed in a short visit. However, that is not the typical scenario.

This is what you can do yourself;

Notice where the leak is visible around the spa

• On which side of the spa is the water visible

• Notice the slope of the concrete slab the spa is sitting on. If the concrete slab is sloped the water will frequently appear not on the side where the actual leak is but on the opposite site of the spa

• Open the equipment area and look for apparent leaks

• Open the sides of the spa and look for apparent leaks. Use a dry wooden stick to poke through the Insulation. If the stick is wet when you pull it out, that is a sign that you have water in the foam and that the leak might be there. Be sure to start poking toward the bottom

If you can locate the leak as described above your will have saved yourself a few hundred dollars in leak detection cost.

Spa and Hot Tub Pumps Trouble Shooting

Pump problems are much easier to diagnose for a technician, hence most of the actual pump diagnostic service calls are free. It may only take a skilled technician a couple of minutes to accurately determine what the problems are.

As a home owner, it is a little bit more complicated for you to trouble shoot a pump. You do need access to an electrical tester and you need to be familiar with some electronic controls and a basic knowledge of how a pump works.

If you have a pump that is not working. Please write down all the information from the name plate on the pump as well as on the spa itself. You can then contact your spa repair company and see if they can give you a price for repairing/replacing the pump without coming out to your house for a service call.

Spa and Hot Tub Heater Problems

To diagnose a heater not working past the “my hot tub water isn’t getting warm” is a little bit more complicated. You will need to look for the following;

1. Are your filters cleaned? Clean them and try again. Or, remove them and try again

2. Can you hear the pump humming but no water coming out? You may have a air lock problem

3. Do you have power going to the spa?

You may have to open up the control panel (only to that if you are comfortable with trouble shooting on live electrical circuits). You also will need to have a voltage tester and an amp probe. With those tools in your hand, call our office and we will take you through how to do it yourself.



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