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We know that coming home from work and relaxing in a warm hot tub is something that is very high up on many peoples wishlists. Coming home to a cold hot tub is not on anyones list. We at Precision Spa take care of your spa or hot tub in order for it to always be in the best possible condition and ready for your use. We have many different service, maintenance and repair programs available to facilitate that. A spa is a piece of mechanical equipment and as such it requires a certain level of maintenance to function properly. We have you covered.

Inside this website you will find:

A. Do it your self information about spa and hot tub repair.

If you are the handy type you will find lots of information that you will be able to use yourself to do spa repair

B. Diagnostics

We have a whole diagnostic section where you, most likely, will be able to find the information you are looking for when something is a bit off with your spa

C. Articles

Lots of articles and information about spa repair symptoms and what to do with them


D. Information about Precision Spa and how we can help you

We have done spa repair in Los Angeles since 1997 and have helped over 13,000 spa owners.

E. Description of our services

F. Our contact information.

Do not hesitate to give us a call if you have ANY questions regarding your spa or hot tub. We have skilled technicians answering the phone. They will be able to help you immediately.
Let us help you with all your spa repair, hot tub repair, swimming pool repair and service needs.
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